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    On Saturday August 5th 2017, Paul Ridd’s sister Jayne Nicholls and Paul’s sister in law Sian Ridd along with 12 other brave volunteers successfully completed a Tandem Skydive to fundraise for the Foundation. They were brave enough to jump out of an aeroplane from 12,000 feet above the ground to fund raise for the work the Paul Ridd Foundation carry out in Paul’s legacy. As a Foundation we want to make a difference to the hospital experience of ALL people with learning disabilities. Jumping from the sky is just one of the lengths our supporters are prepared to go to in order to raise funds for the changes that are much needed. 

    The brave Sky jumpers stepped right out of their comfort zone and experienced the thrill of freefall and a high performance canopy ride whilst attached to a fully qualified instructor! Yes they are mad but they were happy to do it for a good cause! Thank you to everyone who came along to support them and thank you to Swansea Skydive Centre for their support. 

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    When was the Sky jump?

    Saturday August 5th 2017  12pm – 6pm

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