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Who can be a Learning Disability Champion?
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    We currently support the delivery of Learning Disability Champion training by the Learning Disability Nursing Service in ABMU Health Board. Our vision is to see LD Champions in every hospital ward and department in every hospital in Wales. 

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    What does it mean to be a Learning Disability champion?

    The role of the Learning Disability Champion is an important one. Champion support can really help the patient with learning disabilities, his carer and family to have the level of care they deserve.

    Anyone who works in a hospital can be a LD Champion. Details of Champion training can be found on the ABMU Intranet or by contacting the LD Liaison Nurses. The Paul Ridd Foundation also shares details of upcoming training on our Facebook page.

    Lack of awareness and understanding often means people with a learning disability are among the most excluded and disadvantaged people in society.

    The role of the LD Champion is to work with the staff around you on your ward and with the hospital LD liaison nurse to provide the care the patient with learning disabilities needs.


    Patients with a learning disability will often have difficulty communicating their needs. The Health Passport (Traffic Light Assessment) the patient will have brought in with them will help staff understand the individual needs of the patient. If this hasn’t been brought in there will be one available in the Care Bundle to complete with the patient/carer. Please contact the Foundation if you need a copy. Health Passports are kept with the patients notes at the end of their bed. Please make sure you read the passport carefully.

    Look for reasonable adjustments that can be made. Talk to your Learning Disability Liaison nurse about these.

    What do we mean by Reasonable Adjustments? 

    The law says that all health services must think about people with disabilities.

    They have to ask ‘What extra things do we need to do, so people with learning disabilities can get health services as good as other people?’

    Examples of Reasonable Adjustments

    • Patients enter hospital by side doors
    • Combining treatments
    • Knowing what your patient likes
    • When referring patients to hospital involve the primary care team and/or LD liaison nurses so that hospital appointments can be combined or given at suitable times 

    Make sure that hospital staff are aware of the Learning Disability Logo packs. 

    LD Health Passport Info



    b Champion Celebration at Morriston June 2017 Ward Champion Training (3) - Bridgend Oct 6th 16LD Champion Training Session

    At Morriston Hospital June 2017Learning Disability Champion Celebration Day at Morriston Hospital June 2017

    10 things LD Champions should knowInformation page from Learning Disability Champion booklet

    Posters in ABMU Information Poster about the LD Champions in the hospital ward for staff, patients, parents and carers 

    PoW Hospital 2Patient Information Board in a local hospital

    Health Passport 

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