Disability Logo

We created a Logo to be used as a gentle indicator to hospital staff that their patient needs a little extra care.

Our logo has been officially adopted as the logo to represent adults with learning disabilities across Wales.

  • the speech bubble speaks for the person
  • the people are in the centre of the logo symbolising people centred care

Learning Disability Logo packs

With the amazing help of our supporters we managed to raise enough funds to provide Learning Disability Logo packs for every ward and department in every hospital across Wales.  We would like to thank all of these supporters for generously donating their time and money, and for those volunteers who gave up their time to help us put these packs together.  These packs contain a number of visual aids for hospital staff to use with their patients with a learning disability.

packs Contain:

When should the stickers and magnets be used?

Hospital staff need to provide dignified person-centred care and treatment.  On arrival in hospital as the care plan is discussed, the patient, family and/or carer can choose if they wish staff to be aware of their learning disability.  If they wish staff to be aware of their learning disability, then the discreet at-a-glance identification tools in the ward pack can be used.

It is also important that the Care plan is communicated and shared with all ward team members and the Learning Disability Champion(s) if the ward or department has one.

During 2016-2017 we visited every Health Board in Wales to distribute LD Logo packs. If you work in a hospital in Wales and you have not seen a LD Logo pack on your ward or department please contact us so that we can send one to you.

Some health boards keep their logo packs in the front of the resource folder in each  hospital ward

Magnetic speech bubble shaped logos for use on main ward board of patients’ names and on patients’ lockers

Resources for Patients, Families & Carers

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