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The 7 Interventions: 4-6

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Daily, regardless of length of stay
Providing dignified patient centred care and treatment.


A person-centred care plan developed with the patient, primary carers and/or family, reviewed and updated.
Having a patient-centred plan, which is developed with patient, primary carers and.or family and which is reviewed and updated daily with their input, will help to ensure care and treatment is provided as prescribed and that it is co-ordinated between professional groups; communication between families and carers and hospital staff is maintained; the emotional support needs of the person are recognised and can be addressed; hospital staff are aware of how best to support the person e.g. sufficient support and time can be identified to prepare the person for investigations or interventions and for health professionals to conduct complex consultation, investigations or interventions; that there is appropriate liaison with relevant other over capacity to consent and best interests as appropriate within the context of the Mental Capacity Act 2005; learning disability professionals are consulted and/or attend relevant reviews; the knowledge professional staff have of health issues for people with learning disabilities is increased; there is less risk of 'diagnostic overshadowing'.


Care plan communicated and shared with ward team members.
The objective of this intervention is to ensure that all ward team members are aware of the care plan for the individual so that this can be followed and the person receives care delivered in accordance with the plan, enjoys a positive hospital experience and achieves the best possible outcome.


Named nurse identified to patient, family and other staff throughout duration of stay.
This intervention aims to ensure that the person's condition, care and treatment are effectively reviewed so that progress is assessed and discharge planning can take place sufficiently early to ensure that the length of stay in the general hospital is appropriate to need.